One2Go Member Bios

Carli Palladino - Vocals
Carli's fantastic vocal talent and stage presence bring an excitement to every One2Go performance that keeps the party going and leaves everyone wanting more!

Carli has been in One2Go since its founding in 2016 and has also recorded with well-known producers and been recognized in singing competitions such as "Elkhorn Idol" and the City of Omaha Karaoke Contest.

Anne Tidblom - Vocals
Anne brings impressive band experience, having performed with one of the area's top country acts. Whether she's adding her rich harmonies or taking the lead, she has truly amazed audiences, as well as her own band members!

Anne has performed with Silas Creek, as well as her high school choirs, and has won regional honors in karaoke competitions.

Chad Howard - Bass Guitar
AKA "Chewy", Chad Howard's music career started with learning music theory and playing alto sax in high school. While primarily self-taught, this bass guitarist had some help from his father and from renowned bass player "Irish Mike". He has many music accomplishments to his credit, including going on tour, opening for national acts, and being a bass instructor.

Chad's history of performance includes membership in such bands as: Paradigm Shift, Inconsequential, Eye for an Eye, Narrow Way, Pauzed, Callidac, Days of Jubilee, and Marc Allen & Shaky Ground.

Kevin Robinson - Piano/Keyboard
Kevin Robinson has been playing piano since the age of six. He continued and expanded his music education through high school, experimenting with several other instruments, studying music theory, and singing in musicals. He performed with the percussion section in concert band, played xylophone in the marching band, accompanied the choir, and performed in an award-winning jazz band. Although majoring in business and finance, he continued his study of music theory in college.

Mike Eckmann - Drums
Mike was exposed to music at a very young age, and was influenced by his grandparents who played saxophone and piano at dances in his home town. His first instrument was the clarinet (which he now claims to regret!), then he quickly moved to the saxophone, which he played through high school and college while he also began to play drums.

Mike has played drums in a number of original and cover bands in Omaha. He enjoys playing for the crowds, and he brings both power and a steady foundation to One2Go!

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